Readings From The Road Wednesday August 18, 2021

Excellent readings with messages on adverstity. We should not try to avoid all the trails in our life, for that is when we call on God the most and they can teach us such valuable lessons. God is the one constant in our life whom can help us navigate all the twists and turns.

Our first reading was from:

Our second reading was from pg. 40 in:

In case the video does not appear below, here is a link to it:

3 thoughts on “Readings From The Road Wednesday August 18, 2021

    1. Hi Gail,
      I made a “hobo packet” last trip with cut up pork loin, sweet potato, regular potato, onion and carrot. It was delicious! And so easy to put together (cut everything up and wrap in foil), travel with, cook and clean up. I am going to make more of those and you have given me a great idea to post some camping recipes.

      1. We just starting going camping this year so I will be interested to see more camping recipes and ideas that are quick, easy and yummy. I’d forgotten about “hobo packets” which we called foil meals. You’ve given me a good idea by making these ahead of time before leaving home. We used to make them while camping and that takes away from fun time. We also used to make banana boats. Take a banana (leave the peel on) and cut it down the middle stopping just short of the end. Gently spread the banana apart at the cut and insert pieces of chocolate and marshmallows. Make a little boat out of foil (twist the ends) and set the banana in it. Place over hot coals just until the chocolate and marshmallows get soft. It’s kind of a healthy dessert!!

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