Remodel Of Our Motor Home In Red Bay AL

Red Bay is a very small town (population 3000) in the northwest corner of Alabama, right on the Mississippi line. It got its name from the red color in the clay soil and the numerous redbay trees in the area, that line some of the streets in Red Bay. Red Bay is also the home of Tiffin Motorhomes, which is why we traveled up there.

Red Bay is also home to Tiffin Motorhomes, which is the towns largest employer and the reason hundreds of Tiffin motorhomes come into the small town on a weekly basis. Some weeks as many as four hundred of the big rigs descend upon the town for warranty work or general service and upgrades.

The reason we come to Red Bay is for all of the outside vendors who perform a multitude of tasks on Tiffin Motorhomes. Many of these people worked or still work at the Tiffin plant or in the service center so they know your motor home, inside and out. Most of the vendors specialize in a certain area they are knowledgeable in whether it be cabinetry, repairs, painting, cleaning, flooring, audio. Whatever task you want performed; you can find someone to do it for you.

Here are some of the things we had done while in Red Bay to our motor home:

We started with removing old sofa, booth dinette, and replacing carpet.

We put in theater seats and had tables built for beside the seats.

Below is the old couch. Love the new seating.

Below is the original placement of the tv, which is very awkward to watch, especially with the new seating.

This was my dream! The tv comes up out of the cabinet at the push of a button.

And I gained a new storage area for food!

Below is what the dining area looked like:

New dining area with hutch that has more drawers and cupboards in it.

We also put in a new sink as the basins in the old sink were small and the sink was showing its age with scratches and tarnished drains. I love this new shiny, big sink and I have since put a rubber liner in the bottom to protect it.

Below is the old sink…

We also got the seats in the cockpit recovered so they match the theater seating.

I love all these new things in our rig, it is so comfortable and all smells and looks so brand new. Really excited for our next adventures in our newly remodeled home!

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