Are You a “Normal” Drinker?

What is a normal drinker? Well, when I drink iced tea, soda, or water,  I think I know. I sip it, and it usually lasts a long time.   I don’t constantly reach for the glass, and I don’t obsess over how much is in the glass. It just is.

Sometimes I have 2 glasses, sometimes just one. Never really think about it.   It struck me the other day,  that this is normal drinking!  I used to drink alcohol, until I finally gave it up as it was so apparent  I was NOT a normal drinker when it came to alcohol.

As a matter of fact, I am quite the opposite.  I never could figure out how anyone could just sip a vodka and tonic, or a glass of wine, and make it last so long. Or how anyone would drink only 1 beer and say they were done, not liking the feeling. For you see,  normal drinkers can take it or leave it.  Normal drinkers can stop at a certain point.

If you have little or no control over how much alcohol you drink once you start, or if you find yourself obsessing about it in any way,  (when you can start, if you have enough), you might not be a normal drinker.

FREEIf you have ever suffered consequences from your drinking, or have sworn it off for good, only to be back drinking again in no time,  you might not be a normal drinker.  If you have ever counted your drinks, or tried to control your drinking, you might not be a normal drinker.  I know I wasn’t, and when I finally really accepted that, I made the life-changing decision to stop drinking altogether.

When I made the decision to stop drinking, I took it seriously and quickly found I needed help.  I was so willing to learn, that I  took suggestions and listened to those people who had been where I was.  I learned about the disease of alcoholism and found out that I am not a weak-willed person,  it’s just that my body does not process alcohol like it should.

I am powerless over alcohol,  and  despite my best efforts,  once I start drinking alcohol, I have no control over how much I will drink.  Another key thing I learned is that no matter how hard I try to use my self-will, I am powerless when it comes to alcohol.  I need  help to stay abstinent.

My biggest source of strength has come from my Higher Power,  that I am in contact with on an ongoing basis.   I also get support from other people in recovery, and practice a program of recovery.  My obsession to drink was lifted rather quickly,  and I have to say that having this obsession lifted from me is the greatest thing that ever happened.

I no longer crave nor obsess over drinking!  Today I have a life beyond my wildest dreams, and I am no longer a slave to alcohol.   Now I have a better understanding of what a “normal drinker” feels like…it’s just alcohol I cannot drink…and there are plenty of other choices out there!

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